Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Don't Trust Hair Stylists, They're Monsters!

Alright, maybe I went a bit overboard with the title.  But it's true! 

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut.  Just a bit.  Just a little bit shorter and have some weight taken off.  Somehow I've gone a chin-length almost-bob to a super short pixie haircut again.  

I came back from the haircutting place and I cried, then I cut and shaped it more myself so I wouldn't point a gun at my face.  Maybe that makes me a bit conceited, I don't know, but I loved my hair so much!

Lucky for me it'll only take around three or months to get it the length it was or longer.  

But nobody will ever again cut my hair besides me.


I do think it looks alright though, so no more pouting.  

Anyway, that's enough about hair.  I have to practice dancing to dubbystep!

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